Exploring Southeast Asia's Border(less) State and Society

The theme of this symposium explores the borders of Southeast Asia as both a philosophical, social, cultural, geographical, political, institutional and psychological divisions. It explores the various aspects pertaining to borders and divisions; how it is maintained, regulated and normalized; how it is changed, refurbished and reimagined; how it is transgressed, reconstituted and recreated in new forms of contact and relationship.


The accepted papers will be submitted in journals that are indexed by Scopus or DOAJ:

  1. Philippine Journal of Science*
  2. Knowledge E*
  3. Humaniora
  4. Kawistara
  5. Mimbar Hukum*
  6. Al Jamiah*
  7. Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies*
  8. IKAT - The Indonesian Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  9. ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development (AJSTD)*
*In confirmation


Dr. Ratna Noviani
Dr. Wenty Marina Minza
Dr. Poppy Winanti
Dr. Arqom Kuswanjono
Dr. Jur. Any Andjarwati
Dr. Jur. Any Andjarwati
Dr. Jur. Any Andjarwati
*In confirmation