The International Conference on South East Asia Studies 2016

The International Conference on South East Asia Studies 2016

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Today in Southeast Asia, with the decrease of absolute poverty, the question that the region faces is whether a truly plural, equal and democratic society could emerge from the region. Problems arising from increasing fundamentalist beliefs, geopolitical changes resulting from a rising China, climate change and the fragility of the agricultural system, the faltering of democracy in many countries in the region and the increasing gap between the haves and have-nots point to the worrying potential for failing to produce a healthy, equal and multicultural society. These stem from various problems that have yet to be addressed in a measured and deep manner. ICSEAS 2016 intends to bring these challenges and the problems it poses to an open forum in a manner in which researchers could exchange their ideas freely in order to fundamentally help put the challenge of the twentieth century for the region in a clear perspective. To create a common and good society based on the ideals of democracy, welfare, equality, pluralism and a respect of the environment requires a deep understanding of the interrelatedness of such an endeavor. Perhaps the major challenge is in convincing such a project to the people of ASEAN.

In order to achieve this goal, the conference is grouped into six separate themes that are related to the overarching theme above on the Southeast Asian challenges in the twenty-first century. These themes are Pluralism in a Democratic Southeast Asia, Challenges to Democracy, Welfare and Poverty in an Unequal Society, Equality and New Categories of Discrimination, Climate Change and Its Challenges, Food Security and the Future of Southeast Asia, and Challenges to Border Security.


01 October – Abstract submission deadline
04 October – Notification of abstract submission
10 October – Full paper submission deadline
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